Above the Dark Forces

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A Great Tzaddik.

A Bereaved Couple.

An Unknown Enemy.

Above the Dark Forces- A Classic Tale of Faith & Intrigue

Runtime: 55 min.


4 reviews for Above the Dark Forces

  1. sorscher


  2. sc

    great cd!!!!!! awesome story!
    And Moshe Zaftig does it again he did not let us down

  3. Elie M.

    Just incredible – this story keeps you at the edge of your seat, exciting, interesting, and with a clear message of gadlus hatorah and its koach hakedusha. Highly recommended, but warning – when you start listening, make sure you have the time to finish because you will not be able to hit pause once you start!

  4. N.B.

    Anyone who enjoys a good ‘campfire’ spooky story will absolutely love this one. With amazing, realistic sound effects, a gripping storyline, and characters that you can really relate to, this is an amazing production aimed at the older audiences who want that thrill of a dramatic, epic story. It’s the perfect balance between being not too overly scary that you’ll have nightmares from, but also keeps you hooked on breathlessly until the end. The same dynamic personality that R’ Zaftig puts into the one-of-a-kind Shemiras Halashon Experience (which you MUST check out if you didn’t yet) comes out again in a new way, a feat which not many storytellers are capable of. Highly recommended! (Make sure to play this at night with the lights off…)

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