The Shemiras Halashon Experience Vol. 1

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A Project of The Rav Pletzelheimer Heritage Phoundation

In conjunction with Singular Studios

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Here’s what people are saying about The Shemiras Halashon Experience:

“The perfect mix of high quality education mixed with a generous dose of humourous social commentary.” – Mike the Therapist (A.D.D. P.T.S.D.)

“I vould call myself somevone who nose a good CD ven he smells vone, and ziss CD is vort every scent!” – Dr. Shpritz von Nasal

“… Simply put, [this is] the era of the Pletzelheimer Revolution.” – Social critic

“Sure to become a classic; see why a social critic referred to it as the Pletzelheimer Revolution.” – Alter Skrullovitz

“I lovyee thissee CDeee, it’s so funnyyee and suchee highee quality!” – I. B. Levy

“Could be my kids listen to it…” – Yosef Yitzchok Zev Chaim Ber Halevi Kohein

Includes PDF with review questions.

2 reviews for The Shemiras Halashon Experience Vol. 1

  1. IC3 Productions

    Anything with Meir Ben-Dayan is sure to be a hit don’t think just buy…listen…and enjoy!

  2. MZ (verified owner)

    Real to life sound effects (like footsteps and birds chirping, the rest are a little fake)
    The behind the scenes is very interesting historically speaking

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