The Shemiras Halashon Experience Vol. 2

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The Experience You Don’t Want To Miss!

Join Rav Pletzelheimer, Modche, Getzel, and many other colorful characters from the town of Pletzelshtut, as they experience Hilchos Shemiras Halashon in a most unforgettable way!

3 hours runtime with 10 hilarious episodes, a Behind the Scenes Interview, and all-new jingle. Featuring Meir Ben-Dayan; guest appearance by S. Steinberg as the voice of Nethaniel the butler.



Test Yourself! Do You Know Hilchos Shemiras Halashon?

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1 review for The Shemiras Halashon Experience Vol. 2

  1. IC3 Productions

    Moshe Zaftig and Meir Ben Dayan?! the very thought makes me laugh! The pair is just too funny to just pass up on! This newest release is guaranteed to keep you laughing from start to finish while internalizing the halachos of Shemiras Halashon in your bones!

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